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  • 'And Always: Surprise': An Interview with Erina Harris (E Martin Nolan, The Puritan, Fall 2015)
    "I can see a book like Stag Head teaching society something about mourning. Mourning will be essential to humanity so long as we remain mortal, and Stag Head provides a very deep, complicated, and honest representation of that process." - Ted Nolan, Puritan Magazine
  • CJSW Writer's Block Interview (Soundcloud, Jan 21, 2015)
  • Source material (Marshall Ward, Waterloo Chronicle, 18/03/2014)
    “‘Enfantasques’ means ‘child-like forms,’ and this first book uses a number of forms common to children’s literature — the fairy tale, song forms, nonsense verse — as a way to use the idea of childhood and nonsense to disrupt sense. Or, in other words, to consider questions about the adult world from the nostalgic and imagined place of our unreachable childhoods.”