Little Word. Kind Word. Cuss Word. The Wishing. Sacred Word. Profane Word.
Foreign Word. The Cursing. Secret Word. Neologism. Nonce Word. The Prayer.

The Foster Words Project

Code Word. Dirty Word. The Naming. The Pet Name. The Un-Name. The Given Name.
The Nickname. The Riddling. Endearment. The Insult. Ineffable. The Punning. The Word Game.
The Unsayable. Interpellation. The Pun. The Chanting. The Damning. The Spell. The Poeming.

The Writer, Louise Robinson, Dansedelune Illustration (with permission from the artist)

The Foster Words Project

Thank you to everyone who “donated” a word about futurity for me to “foster” in our time of radical disconnection during the Covid-19 outbreak.

All Donated Words have been ushered into the Word Laboratory where our Language Nurses are giving them the finest care.

"FOSTER" – etymology:

From Old English (fostrian): to feed, to nourish (fostor = food, bringing up)

c. 1200: to bring up a child with parental care
c. 1300: to nurture (things)
c. 1560: to nurture (feelings, ideas)

Old English: an adjective, to nurture within the same family but not related