Little Word. Kind Word. Cuss Word. The Wishing. Sacred Word. Profane Word.
Foreign Word. The Cursing. Secret Word. Neologism. Nonce Word. The Prayer.

The Foster Words Project

Code Word. Dirty Word. The Naming. The Pet Name. The Un-Name. The Given Name.
The Nickname. The Riddling. Endearment. The Insult. Ineffable. The Punning. The Word Game.
The Unsayable. Interpellation. The Pun. The Chanting. The Damning. The Spell. The Poeming.
The Dark Muse Raven on a Typewriter
Artwork by Matt Dinnehan, Collage-O-Rama: Curious Art
with permission from the artist.

Invitation: WILL YOU “DONATE” A WORD for me to “foster”?

I invite you to please share your visions, imaginings, wishes, trepidations, fears as we anticipate and construct whatever our shared future on earth will be.

Will you please “donate” a word, regarding futurity:

a word of importance to yourself, to your clan, to your household?

Please forward your word to me, as follows:

It will be my privilege to, then “foster” your words.


To “FOSTER” your Word(s)?

  • To foster your words, I will post these regularly on my website: Donated Words: A Living Gallery as a provisional archive as we imagine encounters with “futurity." A complete list of “donated” words will be posted anonymously (your privacy will be
  • I will then deliver the words into the Apothecary of Provisional Linguistic Futurities where it will share its biography (a.k.a. its etymology) with our Language Nurses.
  • A selection of “Donated” words will later be selected through a magical aleatory process, and will comprise a new poetics manuscript based in meditations on the etymologies of our important words: part-bestiary, part dictionary, part archive, part cryptozoology.

Will you “FOSTER” a Word?

  • Be welcome to import this poetic meditation into your lives and work - I am only its Curator.
  • Engagements and adaptations of this meditation are welcome - for example, I have been invited to develop (and hopefully co-develop) tactics in terms of home-schooling, pedagogy, writing.
  • Please note: in 2021, I will begin to post provisional curricula and feedback, towards multiple, unowned engagements with “FOSTERING” your/our words."


Autobiography of The Foster Words Project

"FOSTER" – etymology:

From Old English (fostrian): to feed, to nourish (fostor = food, bringing up)

c. 1200: to bring up a child with parental care
c. 1300: to nurture (things)
c. 1560: to nurture (feelings, ideas)

Old English: an adjective, to nurture within the same family but not related