Dana Holst, In The Dark, Oil on linen on panel, 10 x 8", 2009, Private Collection (This placeholder image used for inspiration, with the generous permission of the artist.)

“… and nonsense more nonsense is sullen…”

Gertrude Stein, Tender Buttons

Trading Beauty Secrets with the Dead

Trading Beauty Secrets with the Dead, a new collection of verses and lyric essays, will be published by Wolsak & Wynn, Buckrider Books Imprint, 2024.

Advance praise for Trading Beauty Secrets for the Dead:

Read these ear-spun and ribald reports from the rustling femme multiverse

(otherwise known as one’s many-named ancestress)

with sweetest pleasure inversions

as wet maps to raucous underworlds.

Her rippling song sluice’s

Dolly’s formally abundant play’s

shatterment, like, better, eruditer, hilarious:

For those who prefer

Rime Shapely.

Lisa Robertson, author of The Baudelaire Fractal, and Nilling

Trading Beauty Secrets with the Dead is a book of gorgeous music that reinvents the architecture of our formation—rhyme, nonsense, myths and nursery rhymes. Harris brilliantly reimagines the stories that accompany us as we grow into language, and, further, her new work reimagines the possibilities of our growing.  In poems and notes exploring new forms of flourishing, Harris articulates an ethics of profound collaboration, of an intertextual, subversive relationality.  Articulating this necessary interconnection, Trading Beauty Secrets with the Dead invites us to attend to and sing what is “incantatory from within.”

Julie Joosten, author of Nought

Trading Beauty Secrets with the Dead sets the alphabet up like a game of dominoes, then lets it cascade. Quotations echo, queens' heads roll, crinolines rasp, and Chloes tease Olivias. This repeating abecedarian plies the history of nonsense verse, layering play with powerplay.
Sarah Dowling, author of Entering Sappho

Upcoming Publications (Excerpts):

Letter C: “‘Chloe liked Olivia.’ by Mary Carmichael and, or, Virginia Woolf”

will be published in filling Station Magazine in 2024; date of publication TBA.